• Miposaur – gesture tracking, self-balancing robotic creature

    Miposaur is the highly intelligent robotic creature on a two-wheeled pendulum with an impressive mix of character and technology, including a TrackBall with different modes, and an app that adds more functionality.

  • Ollie – the app-enabled robot driven, by Sphero

    The Sphero Ollie is an app-powered robot that features a tubular design and can achieve speeds up to 14 mph. It gives you a very different experience by doing flips, spins, drifts and tricks by connecting to your smart gadgets via Bluetooth 4.0.

  • Osmo – educational gaming system for upur kids (iPad)

    Osmo is a different type of gaming platform that feels and look like a real game changer. It is a simple idea done brilliantly well, and will appeal to parents who prefer their children to be a lot more active with their iPad games. It is a combination of reflective artificial intelligence and a groundbreaking technology. It brings the iPad to life, in a way that most app-only games cannot match.

  • Boogie Board Original 8.5″ LCD eWriter

    Boogie Board 8.5-Inch LCD Writing Tablet is a great alternative to a paper. As it allows you to write or draw whatever you want on it, and later erase it if you don’t like what your wrote without wasting any paper as we usually do with notepads.