As two entrepreneur minded individuals, after seeing another successful Kickstarter project, reading numerous articles about new gadgets coming into our lives every single day and hearing a negative feedback about some unsuccessful new startup product, we came up with an idea.

We believe that this time period, we live in, is the moment in our history that will be remembered as the most innovative and creative. Meaning, there are hundreds of amazing products have been developed and created in the last couple of years and even more will be created in next couple years.

Products that are not only innovative but most important the one that make our life easier, technological advance as well as help to entertain us. Every day there is another new product that is about to be introduced. It is around us, but you might be wondering where to find it.

That is why, we, including me and my business partner together with a team of several researchers felt like we can help people to find those products quicker and easier. What’s even more fascinating, we thought that we would come up with a website that not only offers top hundred most innovative products from successful startups, but collects products that proved its usability as well as have top reviews and most important are affordable for anyone because of its price under one hundred dollars.

This website will help you to discover some truly amazing products much easier, as you can save them into your wish list and buy them directly from Amazon. Furthermore, as we mentioned before, most of us want to see some reviews and be sure that the products we buy are worth our money.

With that being said, we felt that if we back up every product we choose with credibility from Amazon, you would feel more confident choosing the product while seeing hundreds of reviews from people who already bought and tried those products. We are going to update you with new products on a weekly basis and through our subscription list. Because that is our job, and we are happy to see that our work brings a benefit for you.

Top100Under100  Team